beautiful soul

by Yopi

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released March 19, 2014


Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.



Yopi Cologne, Germany

Yopi sings spiritual heartsongs from all over the world in various languages: Sanskrit mantras, medicine songs from South America, Rainbowsongs, African chants and other sacred hymns from all over this beautiful earth. Based in Cologne, Germany the songwriter and guitarist is singing with large groups of people all over Germany and is part of the program at many European Yoga Festivals. ... more

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Track Name: music of silence (live)
Music of silence, music beyond words. Children of the ocean, that´s what we are. Love is the most shining star in the inner sky of your being. Love is the most shining star inside of you.
Track Name: beautiful soul
I´ve got so much love to give, it needs to flow, I need to live. I need to sing, I need to shine, I want to share this love of mine. Beautiful soul, smiling at me, reflecting my love in your eyes I can see that all that we are and all that I am, born and reborn again and again.
Track Name: may all the beings be happy
May the love we´re sharing spread its wings, fly across the earth and bring new joy to every soul that is alive. May the blessings of the universe shine on everyone and may we all see the light, the light within. May all the beings in all the world be happy. Salam Aleikum, Hallelujah
Track Name: above and below
Above and below and all around you are. You are the essence of all, the beauty of life. You are the essence of all, the love of my life. Sacred One, source within and beyond.
Track Name: agua de estrellas
en tus ojos de agua infinita, se banan las estrellitas, mama. Agua de luz, agua de estrellas, pacha mama viene del cielo. Limpia, limpia, limpia corazon agua brilliante, sana, sana, sana corazon agua bendita, sana, sana, sana corazon agua del cielo, mama.
Track Name: here on this earth
Here on this earth we live for a short time, together we blossom like flowers. Each have their own part to work in this garden, together we shine in the light we receive from these powers.
And I pray to the eternal heart of the universe: Give me light, illuminate my heart.
I give thanks for the sun, I give thanks for the moon, my mother and father above, I give thanks for this garden, I give thanks for this humming bird in this eternal garden of Love
Track Name: look at me yearning
I don´t know which way to go. Not even sure if fast or slow. I hope my dreams will show: That I seemy aims all clear and I feel that I´m right here.
I´m just a creature walking under the sun and the moon. Look at me yearning, caress my weakness with your bloom.
Head in the clouds, but both feet on the ground, I got my best kicks when I was roaming around, oh when I leave all my sorrow behind and I feel life of a different kind.
Track Name: da draussen
Eine süße Sehnsucht treibt mich voran, nach Sonne und Mond, ich will schwimmen und dann Sternschnuppen pflücken vom Himmel der Zeit, ich weiß jetzt wer ich bin und jetzt bin ich bereit:
Ich weiß dass du irgendwo da draußen bist: Im Feuerschein seh ich dein Gesicht. Ich weiß dass du irgendwo da draußen bist, im Feuerschein seh ich dein Gesicht vor mir.
Du fragst ob ich mich hier nicht verlauf, manchmal ist es schwer, doch dann höre ich auf den Wind in den Weiden, den Regen der fällt, das Gewitter das fern mir den Himmel erhellt.

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